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Colombian Handmade
Jewelry and Accessories

Original and Authentic Style

Acanto Jewelry through its handmade jewelry and accessories offers an original and authentic style giving to all its customers comfort and a perfect satisfaction.

In the past 5 years, Acanto Jewelry had had international success with all its necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts collections and accessories.

With its product lines, Acanto Jewelry offers a unique variety to jewelry stores:

  • Seeds necklaces (tagua, chicon, cocuy, etc.)
  • Semiprecious stones necklaces
  • Pearls necklaces
  • Mother of Pearl necklaces
  • Collares en materiales no naturales
  • Tagua and wood knitted belts
  • Accessories

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A High Content of Natural Materials like Tagua Seeds

Acanto jewelry and accessories have a high amount of natural materials like tagua seeds which are found in the rain forests of Colombia .

Tagua also known as natural ivory is a very important material for Acanto Jewelry; it has exotic and beautiful colours that create jewels full of love for nature.

Besides tagua, Acanto Jewelry has created jewelry with other kinds of seeds and natural
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materials like semiprecious stones, pearls, shells, mother of pearl, etc.

See more about Tagua and the production of our creations.

We are looking for distributors

To pursue its projects of expansion, Acanto Jewelry is looking to increase its distribution channels through distributors, independent stores in Colombia and overseas.

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Acanto Jewelry offers a full-line of handmade jewels, made in Colombia::
tagua, semiprecious, pearls necklaces, seeds and wood-knitted belts, accessories...

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