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Raw Material

From the start, Acanto Jewelry has been using natural resources as its raw materials for the production of all its products. Basically, Acanto Jewelry uses seeds, wood, pearls, shells, and semiprecious stones, always taking care that these products do not cause any environmental problems. Acanto Jewelry is proud to say that Colombia is rich in seeds that can be worked, combined and transformed in a beautiful and exotic piece.


In the tropical and humid mountains of Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Brazil grows a plant well know as tagua, almond or natural ivory. The development of this plant is totally natural; it takes from 12 to 15 years to produce a fruit. After that the tree produces 3 harvests per year. The area where tagua grows needs to be cleaned to make its development easier. In its natural condition tagua is a bone white almond.

Tagua is a very useful material; all its parts can be used. The roots are used as medicine; the stem can be used for wooden floors, the sleeves to cover the roof of the houses. The leftovers of the seeds can be smashed and they will be used to feed cows.

Tagua was used since the Colonial era. It was used specially to make buttons, holders for canes, pipes, napkin holders, combs, chess pieces, piano keys, etc. During 1900 to 1920 tagua was exported to Europe and USA , after World War II the industry declined when the plastic replaced the tagua seeds. The use of Ivory from animals caused a high environmental impact because a great number of elephants and rhinos were sacrificed to get the precious ivory but in this case not the natural ivory.

Thanks to worldwide ecological efforts, the natural is returning over the synthetic. Some of the well known designers are proposing natural materials in their collections, as a result, tagua has become a good product with a great commercial and international value.

Production Process

Acanto Jewelry goes directly to the villages and shops where people work and process the raw materials; that eventually will transform into unique and exclusive necklaces, belts and accessories.



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